Precalculus / Trigonometry 3rd Edition

Carl Stitz, Jeff Zeager
The second half of a two part series in precalculus, covering trigonometry. This text takes a "functions first" approach, introducing the idea of a function early. Then as each class of functions is introduced, equations, inequalities, and applications involving functions in that class are discussed. The material is presented at a level to prepare the student for calculus an well as give them relevant mathematics which can be used in other classes as well. Graphing utilities are used sparingly to enhance the mathematics. The exercise sets were intentionally kept smaller to cover all the necessary skills and get the students thinking more deeply about the mathematics involved.
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  • Chapter 10: Foundations of Trigonometry
    • 10.1 Angles and their Measure
    • 10.2 The Unit Circle: Cosine and Sine
    • 10.3 The Six Circular Functions and Fundamental Identities
    • 10.4 Trigonometric Identities
    • 10.5 Graphs of the Trigonometric Functions
    • 10.6 The Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    • 10.7 Trigonometric Equations and Inequalities
  • Chapter 11: Applications of Trigonometry
    • 11.1 Applications of Sinusoids
    • 11.2 The Law of Sines
    • 11.3 The Law of Cosines
    • 11.4 Polar Coordinates
    • 11.5 Graphs of Polar Equations
    • 11.6 Hooked on Conics Again
    • 11.7 Polar Form of Complex Numbers
    • 11.8 Vectors
    • 11.9 The Dot Product and Projection
    • 11.10 Parametric Equations
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Notes: Powerpoint slides are available on the book website, along with checkpoint quizzes and video solutions to the quizzes.