A First Course in Linear Algebra

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This open textbook, originally by K. Kuttler, has been redesigned by the Lyryx editorial team as a first course for the general students who have an understanding of basic high school algebra and intend to be users of linear algebra methods in their profession, from business & economics to science students. All major topics of linear algebra are available in detail, as well as justifications of important results. In addition, connections to topics covered in advanced courses are introduced. The textbook is designed in a modular fashion to maximize flexibility and facilitate adaptation to a given course outline and student profile. Each chapter begins with a list of student learning outcomes, and examples and diagrams are given throughout the text to reinforce ideas and provide guidance on how to approach various problems. Suggested exercises are included at the end of each section, with selected answers at the end of the textbook.
License: Creative Commons Attribution. This license is considered to be some to be the most open license since it is the least restrictive. It allows reuse, remixing, and distribution (including commercial), only requiring attribution. The content can be remixed into content of other license, but on the other hand it allows the remix to be put under a more restrictive license.
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  1. Systems of Equations
    1. Systems of Equations, Geometry
    2. Systems Of Equations, Algebraic Procedures 
  2. Matrices
    1. Matrix Arithmetic
    2. LU Factorization
  3. Determinants
    1. Basic Techniques and Properties
    2. Applications of the Determinant
  4. R^n
    1. Vectors in R^n
    2. Algebra in R^n
    3. Geometric Meaning of Vector Addition
    4. Length of a Vector
    5. Geometric Meaning of Scalar Multiplication
    6. Parametric Lines
    7. The Dot Product
    8. Planes in R^n
    9. The Cross Product
    10. Spanning, Linear Independence and Basis in R^n
    11. Orthogonality and the Gram Schmidt Process
    12. Applications
  5. Linear Transformations
    1. Linear Transformations
    2. The Matrix of a Linear Transformation I
    3. Properties of Linear Transformations
    4. Special Linear Transformations in R^2
    5. One to One and Onto Transformations
    6. Isomorphisms
    7. The Kernel And Image Of A Linear Map
    8. The Matrix of a Linear Transformation II
    9. The General Solution of a Linear System
  6. Complex Numbers
    1. Complex Numbers
    2. Polar Form
    3. Roots of Complex Numbers
    4. The Quadratic Formula
  7. Spectral Theory
    1. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a Matrix
    2. Diagonalization
    3. Applications of Spectral Theory
    4. Orthogonality
  8. Some Curvilinear Coordinate Systems
    1. Polar Coordinates and Polar Graphs
    2. Spherical and Cylindrical Coordinates
  9. Vector Spaces
    1. Algebraic Considerations
    2. Spanning Sets
    3. Linear Independence
    4. Subspaces and Basis
    5. Sums and Intersections
    6. Linear Transformations
    7. Isomorphisms
    8. The Kernel And Image Of A Linear Map
    9. The Matrix of a Linear Transformation
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